Jun 7, 2009

Brewing/Fermentation Workshop announced!

On June 19th we will have our second Big Neighborhood Supper workshop:

Home beer brewing/wine fermentation!

Featuring instruction from Casey Coughlen and Aaron Bradley. The workshop will take place at 113 south Poplar st. The brewing process can take a long time...so we'll get started around 4 p.m. and continue into the evening, as long as it takes... Aaron and Casey both have beer and wine batches in process already. We will be racking/processing those started batches into their next stage and beginning new batches. It's a great opportunity to see the entire process in one evening! Bring goodies to throw on the grill if you plan on staying through dinner time or just stop by to get a feel for the process and learn about tools, ingredients, process and timing! Remember these workshops are free and open to the public, so bring interested friends!

Families are always welcome at these events: plan on supervising your younger guests.


Angie said...

I picked up a flier for this at the Urbana Farmer's Market. (I have no idea where. Somehow it made it's way into my grocery bag.) Sounds like a cool project. I've been brewing a few years and I highly recommend it. I am curious what you're brewing and whether you managed to get the ingredients locally. In which case please tell me where!

-Maggie said...

Angie- Thanks for your comment. I work for the Tiny Greens Farm, and had some fliers at out booth today, so I bet that's where you got yours.

I know that the bulk of the wine ingredients (strawberries, dandelions, etc.) we're using ARE local.

I don't think the beer ingredients Aaron gets are currently local although I have heard him talk of growing hops...(I'm sure he will have more on that at the workshop.) and I'm sure he'd be all ears to suggestions for sourcing the ingredients locally. I know there is a farm near Kankakee (Three Sisters,is their name I think) that grows oats and other grains so perhaps they might have some of the raw goods for a truly HOMEY brew. It's likely that other participants at the workshop will know where to get some ingredients. We'd love to have your input, tips and tales from your brewing experience.
This project is all about sharing resources in this community. Hope you can make it. Thanks for checking this blog out.

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