Aug 11, 2009

Tomato Love and Celebration Time...

Just wanted to say how much I really appreciate all of the support, words of encouragement, advise and promotion that has been offered throughout this project. Working and learning from everyone involved has done more than educate me: it has warmed my heart and confirmed my belief in the power of communities working together to create a better world. (Ok, enough of the cheesy commentary, I know, but it had to be said...)

The Big Neighborhood Supper is only days away and we've got 35 folks confirmed to participate. We will be sharing and making not only a great meal, but also a richly encompassing event (including music, kids activities, animals, installation art, etc.)!

Not attending? worries... there are still ways in which you can be involved in the project:

Donations: I have put together the tentative menu for Saturday's supper and almost all of the ingredients are coming from participants gardens or cellars (home brew, etc.)! However there are a few ingredients that we can't produce in time for this meal such as heavy whipping cream (for fresh garden mint ice cream) and oil, etc. A great way to support the project is to make a monetary donation and then I'll can use it for additional ingredients for the supper or to replenish cost concurred from canning, brewing supplies, butchering knifes, printing costs, etc. (As many of you remember, I initially was counting on the Urbana Public Arts grant to aid in project costs, but since that didn't come through, I have been covering all expenses myself.) I will be getting the additional ingredients together in the next few days, so the sooner you donate the better. Thanks so much.

Written/Artistic Contributions: Another way to continue to support the project is to give input to the forthcoming workbook about this and other yet to be determined community organizing projects. I'm working on publishing a little community organizing workbook to serve as a guide for other communities to try similar projects. This workbook portion will begin to take shape in the next month. To continue with the collaborative participatory nature of this project I'd love to have help writing and creating it. If you would like to be a contributing author, artist or adviser on portion of the project please get in touch with me. I see the workbook as including more general tips about community organizing, people as information resources, how to establish relationships between artists and communities, etc. I welcome any and all input on this and other related topics. Know a printer I can use? Email me with your ideas or questions or simply do a write up or make a drawing/photo and send it my way.

Thanks again for all of your help and happy community-produced eating. It's harvest time!
And to those of you coming this Saturday, check the blog for soon to be posted final details and start getting excited. It's going to be delicious and fun.

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