Jul 19, 2009

Let the foraging begin!

Also don't miss this week's workshop, Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.
Organic Gardening and Foraging for Wild Edibles
lead by Susan and Tom at Meadowbrook Park. (Meet at the community organic garden plots off Race St. and Windsor Rd.) Keep scrolling down for more info./resources on this...
A worksheet/list to get you thinking on this subject.

Bring bug spray, drinking water, a notepad, and appropriate shoes/pants for hiking around in the tall plants!

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Nikkita said...

Organic gardening is a great idea! Foraging for wild food however, begs a question to think about: Humans have taken over too much of wild life habitat, so should we not leave their food alone and grow our own?

Plant berry bushes in your yards for the birds and let your backyard grow wild, instead.

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